The Individual Coffee Shop

Its no secret to any of my friends that coffee is a real love of mine. In fact friends at university knew not to speak to me in the morning until I had enjoyed a steaming mug of the stuff. My secret dream is to own and run my idea of the ‘perfect’ coffee shop. With this dream in my mind (and the start of this blog) I have decided to start scrapbooking all the great coffee shops I find in London and anywhere I travel to, collating everything I love about each one in a pretty book – something I can’t wait to show you clips of from time to time.


With that in mind, this first post is simply displaying my love for that individual perfect coffee shop. Now please don’t assume I don’t enjoy a steaming cafe Nero coffee or a classic caramel macchiato from Starbucks when I need the added sugar on a dreary dreary day.

But in my effort this year to think a bit more about where my food is coming from (a separate post on my 2018 goals is yet to come) I really want to focus on finding one-off coffee shops around London. My coffee of choice is a boring black americano… so the flavour really needs to be there. 

So when I find a gem – I will definitely be sharing it on here.

Red Door, Greenwich

We found this beauty on one of our adventures across the water to Greenwich when we fancied some fresh air and coffee. everywhere is so busy in Greenwich on the weekend but we found Red Door hidden away. On offer was gluten and wheat free cakes from Monmouth Cakes – oh my goodness the choice was enormous! Carrot cake is my all time fave as is my boyfriend’s so naturally we both chose the same. Lucky for us it was near the end of the cake so we got unusually large slices ;). The shop was dark and filled with fairy lights (there was even a disco ball!!) And I believe had we gone down the stairs we would have found art and ceramics to purchase. The man that worked there was so friendly. We have definitely found a new fave across the river. 


Any recommendations, please let me know. 

Love, A x

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