2018 Goals

I am not one for resolutions, I never have been. For me, resolutions are too definite, too constrictive. They also imply that you aren’t already a great version of yourself and you should resolve to be better. For me, it is all about goals – goals are about trying something knew or working towards something, but, if the goal isn’t reached, it doesn’t matter. My boyfriend and I started this our first New Year together, I was out of uni and had no job and he had signed off from the Army and had until May to sort himself out. We wanted a series of things to complete that year, some serious and some totally trivial. We wrote them down, read them to each other and put them in an envelope not to be opened for a year.

Opening them a year later and seeing what we had completed was so satisfying but equally the things we hadn’t managed (like get my driving licence… that took a second round on the goal list!) we just laughed. We found we went into the new year much more positive than any year previous. 

With that in mind I thought I would share with you my top 5 goals for 2018.

  1. Read More

I used to be the most avid reader when I was younger, staying up as late as possible to finish another chapter and regularly taking as many books as I was allowed out of the library. Going on holiday meant books were started and finished within 24 hours. But as I got older things just got in the way. I was reading so many history articles I couldn’t face reading for pleasure on the side, forgetting the way I feel when I’m engrossed in a book. This year I want to get that feeling back. Not just reading on the tube, but find time in the evenings and weekend to fall head first into the plot of a book. 

*at time of posting this I have in fact, read two books already this year!

  1. Exercise More

I really got into exercising last year it made me feel so good and I was making so much progress, even though it took stopping and lazing over Christmas to realise that! This year I want to throw myself into it again and make it a constant in my life. I used to say exercise was pointless because it put you in pain ha ha I now realise that that is not the case! I am training for Tough Mudder in May (not sure why ha ha but I felt like a challenge) so I need to do some serious working out as I currently can only run about 5 minutes… what’s a 10 mile challenge hey?! I am planning a separate post on my top tips for an amateur exerciser and will let you know how my training goes!

  1. Think more consciously about what I’m eating

I am I really foodie, I always have been. I love eating and cooking great food. I find cooking just the most relaxing experience. Since leaving uni and living with my best friend we’ve had more time to focus on what we are eating and plan evening meals and lunches for the week. This saves money but also means we know exactly what we are eating – something I have always been an advocate for. Even at uni you would rarely catch me with a ready meal. But this year I really want to make a conscious effort to find out where the food I buy is coming from and try and eat as much local produce as possible. The beginning of this year saw many people trying to go plastic free. This is something I’ve been saying for so long and like many others, this year I want to implement this even more than I already try. I am going to make a real attempt to find a local greengrocers, butcher and fishmongers. 

  1. Friendships 

One of my goals this year is reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Going to university meant I went into this bubble where the only people that mattered were those that lived 5 minutes walk away. Now I am older (sadly), I live in London and I have less free time – I want to make the most of this. Friends are so important, from all walks of life and all ages. I work in a teeny office so I don’t really have any ‘work friends’ which kinda sucks. This year I am going to make an effort to meet regularly with the fabulous friends I have (I have just been asked to be maid of honour for my best friends wedding which is the most amazing thing); connect with friends from when I was young (tick – went for drinks with a girl I knew at school and we had such a laugh); and find some new friends (hopefully becoming a regular at the gym will help?!). 

  1. Blog

Starting a blog has probably been an aspiration of mine for many years but I’ve always been a bit scared or not bothered. I’m also not someone who shares much about their personal life regularly. The last few months I’ve been feeling a bit lost in my job and my future and desperate for a change and I just need somewhere to discuss all the other things in life I love so I have somewhere else to focus my mind. If no one ever reads this thats ok … this is an output for me. 

I’ll check back in in the coming weeks and let you know how I’m getting on – let me know your goals for the year ahead. 

Love, A x

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