Lunchbox: Leek, Courgette, Feta & Walnut Tart

Inspired by a tart I saw on a menu somewhere I thought I’d try and make up something myself to use for lunches – as you must know by now I’m tart obsessed!


375g ready rolled pastry – make sure this is left out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes before using.

200g feta cheese

4 leeks, finely sliced

1 courgette, finely sliced


2 lemons

100g walnuts

2 tbsp white wine vinegar – on thing?

Knob of Butter

1/2 tsp sugar


In a saucepan add the butter, leeks and the white wine vinegar. Let this simmer away for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the sugar, stir and leave for another 5-10 minutes.


In a bowl add 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and the juice of half a lemon with some salt and pepper. Set aside.

Heat a little oil on a griddle pan and gently griddle the courgette slices (about 2-3 minutes each side once the pan is hot enough). When each slice is ready plop into the oil and juice mix.

When the leeks are nice and soft. Heat the oven to about 180 degrees Celsius.

Roll out the pastry sheet on a baking tray and using a knife very very gently score a border about 1.5 cm from the edge. This middle bit gently prick with a fork.

On the middle part of the pastry, lay over the leeks and the courgettes. (Keep the lemon/oil mix the courgettes were sat in!)

On a separate tray lay out the walnuts.

Pop both in the oven for approx 15-20 minutes or until the outside is crispy and lovely. The walnuts will take less so do check these after about 10. Remove from the oven.


Top the tart with crumbled feta, roasted walnuts and some watercress. Drizzle over some of that lovely lemon/oil mixture you had the courgettes in.

Serve for lunch with some salad, grated carrot, spring onions, tomatoes and some extra courgette slices for good measure!

I hope you enjoy this as much as me!

Love, A x

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