Chicken, Pea & Leek Traybake

This is a bloody Nigella classic in our house! It’s the EASIEST thing to make and takes almost no time at all! As massive carb-loaders in our house, naturally we serve this alongside  some crispy potatoes! You can find the original recipe for this baby here.

Ingredients – Serves 4

900g frozen petits pois

400g trimmed leeks (cut into approx. 3cm/ 1 inch slices)

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped/minced/grated

4  tbsp dry white vermouth or wine

2 tbsp regular olive oil (plus more for drizzling)

1 small bunch fresh dill (torn into pieces)

8 chicken thighs with skin and bone still on

Sea Salt Flakes

To serve: boiled or lovely roasted potatoes 


Heat the oven to 180 degrees Fan.

In a large roasting tin, pour in the frozen peas, leeks, garlic, vermouth or wine, 2 tbsp of oil and a sprinkling of sea salt flakes with a load of the dill. Mix everything together in the tin. 

Lay the chicken thighs (skin side up) on the top of the peas and drizzle with some oil and a little more seat salt. 


Pop the tin in the oven and roast for 45 minutes. Remove from the oven and give the peas a little toss, before returning to the oven for 30 minutes.

When all is lovely and cooked, tear off the remaining bits o’ dill, and scatter over the top.


Enjoy! – The simplest of meals but the super tasty!!


Love, A x 

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