March: Restaurants

Honestly, I say this every month but how the hell is it the end of March already!? Anyone prepared for April showers…. I’m certainly not!

Here we are 4 days in and already the weather is going crazy! As always, I like to start the month rounding up on some of the funky places I ate in during March. 

The Botanist: Sloane Square

No. 7 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8EE

I went here for lunch for the first time in March having enjoyed a few drinks there before. We had just spent the morning at the Glamour Beauty Festival and had the best time which we always like to finish with a yummy lunch! The Botanist turned out to be the perfect location for this!

The atmosphere is really special and the staff were really great! We enjoyed a long lunch there and felt no pressure to leave! 

Two of us had the Scottish salmon fishcake with a poached hen’s egg, spinach and parsley sauce and a side of fries, naturally. The third had the Longhorn beef burger, with cheese, pickles and French fries!

And naturally, a cheeky bottle of sparkling wine!

We were all stuffed afterwards so no dessert, but our lovely waiter bought us a little dish of homemade marshmallows and honeycomb which was super tasty! When we said we loved it they bought us a second tray !!! 

Not cheap, but definitely worth a visit!


Mother Clucker


Holy moly the boyfriend and I have accidentally got ourselves addicted to this takeaway! 

The chicken is SO GOOD. Also, the deep fried halloumi is possibly the naughtiest thing ever made but SO FREAKING GOOD. 

The cluck bun, with fries and a drink comes to £12 in a meal deal and it is so tasty and you get a good amount! A MUST try. 



30 – 33 Minories, EC3N 1DD

I practically lived at Randy’s during the world cup – chicken and beer for a celebration –  you can’t really go wrong! We haven’t therefore, been for a while, so when I heard they were doing a platter for 2 for £40 we were in. 

A burger each, fries each, 2 of every wing, brownies and a pint – YES PLEASE. 

We stupidly took this on as if it was a Man Vs Food challenge, but it was pretty delicious!

I fully recommend – but you must book in advance!




50 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LJ

Oh Ottolenghi. This is by far my favourite place EVER for lunch and dinner its incredible. For lunch they do a great deal of a meat (or veggie similar) and 2 or 3 salads and oh boy is it delicious!! Every week is something different on the menu and it is always amazing!

Their cocktail list is also fantastic! 


Have you eaten anywhere great last month? Let me know!

Love, A x 

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