May: Restaurants

Running behind time as always, here is a selection of some of my fave restaurants from May! These are all pretty local this month so let me know if you like any of these recommendations!

The Frenchie 

Broadway Market

Working in London Fields now I heard Broadway Market on the weekend is brilliant! So we thought we’d check it out one Saturday. Unfortunately for us that particular Saturday it doesn’t to absolutely pour it down with rain, but when we weren’t hiding under trees for shelter we managed to sneak out for some food. They had great options of food and super vegan options as well as lots of fresh fruit and veg stalls and lovely nicknacks. 

The Frenchie was the first food stall we saw and despite checking them all out, we headed straight back. 

The menu is so simple: Duck Confit in a brioche bun with homemade red onion chutney and truffle mayonnaise with a choice of cheese toppings.

We both had the same: Topped with Goat cheese & Honey with Truffle and shared some HEAVENLY chips, cooked in duck fat with truffle mayonnaise. 

HOLY BLOODY MOLY – one of the best things I’ve eaten. Period. 

p.s. turns out they have a Bistro in Covent Garden and I will absolutely be going there. 


Lucky Chip

I meant to go here ages ago, but as it’s a pop up style place they moved after I had made the booking! I still had one of my Table for Two burger vouchers from Time Out and Lucky Chip was one of them! They currently have two locations and we went to the one in the Old Queen’s Head in Islington. 

I’ll be honestly, the location was odd. It’s quite random being the food option in what seemed to be a relatively locals pub. However, the burgers were tasty! 

We both had the Burger of the Month which was the Kelly LeBrock (Patty, Bacon, Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Philadelphia and aioli) with some standard French Fries.

Pretty tasty!



Pub on the Park

London Fields

This glorious pub is my works Local and it’s a really great place for a cheeky pint after work. This particular time we headed there for lunch! My lovely colleague and I could not decide what we wanted, so we did what any normal person would do and ordered a delicious salad and also a portion of nachos to share!!

The nachos first of all, were AMAZE. Some of the best I’ve ever had. Serious, the ratio between chips, cheese and toppings was perfection. 

The salad we picked, Ricotta Cheese Salad, with grilled aubergine, butternut squash, beetroot, smoked peppers and basil dressing was seriously good!

Also all the staff are super friendly and jokers. If you’re in the direction of Hackney, heading here is a must!



Let me know if these inspire some of you!

Love, A x

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