Chorizo & Courgette Pasta

It is no secret that I love pasta, and you will start to see a bit of a pasta series appearing as I’m always putting together random pasta concoctions. This one was a little of what we had in the fridge – which is always a fun way of deciding what to eat for dinner!


150g Chorizo, cubed

Handful of Shiitake mushrooms, sliced

1 Courgette, grated

3 tbsp Crème fraîche



Cook the pasta to packet instructions.

In a frying pan, gently fry the chorizo until it gets a little ‘blistered’ and starts releasing its lovely juices! Add in the shiitake mushrooms and gently stir.

When the pasta is almost cooked, add the grated courgette to the pan and stir until it gets a little crispy and is coated in the gorgeous chorizo juices.


Drain the pasta and add it to the frying pan. Add the creme fraiche and stir gently.


Portion up and serve!



Love, A x

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