Favourites: Podcasts

I thought, with Christmas coming up, most of us will probably spending a few hours travelling, so it might be a good idea to share with you some of my favourite podcasts which are an excellent way to kill some time! The best thing with podcasts is you can download the episodes when you want... Continue Reading →

Christmas Party Planning

I am such an organisational freak it really is my fave thing to do... I thought today I’d post a little review of how we planned our Christmas party and how we set up our flat for our guests! The food we choose went down a total treat and I will post recipes for those... Continue Reading →

Hitting the Gym

Me and the gym are a relatively new relationship… we started as a casual thing last year but things have definitely turned more serious since the end of 2017 when I began paying an outrageous monthly cost and worse… justifying it! It turns out its true – exercising does make you feel great who knew!!... Continue Reading →

2018 Goals

I am not one for resolutions, I never have been. For me, resolutions are too definite, too constrictive. They also imply that you aren’t already a great version of yourself and you should resolve to be better. For me, it is all about goals - goals are about trying something knew or working towards something,... Continue Reading →

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