Chorizo & Courgette Pasta

It is no secret that I love pasta, and you will start to see a bit of a pasta series appearing as I'm always putting together random pasta concoctions. This one was a little of what we had in the fridge - which is always a fun way of deciding what to eat for dinner!... Continue Reading →

All of My Favourite Things

Starting the new week right, following a fabulous bank holiday weekend! Being alone on Friday night, for some might be the worst idea but for me, is kind of fantastic! This particular evening, I decided to simply cook up all of my favourite things.  Granted, it did make a MASSIVE meal - so maybe pick... Continue Reading →

Rice One Pot

This dish is one of my boyfriends absolute faves! It is so easy to make and super warming and comforting. One of those 'urgh monday what shall we make' dinners! Sometimes I add chicken to this, sometimes I make less and serve it with some white fish, but tonight we fancied it simple and as... Continue Reading →

Chicken, Chorizo & Beans

Thought I'd share this little dinner I made this evening - super easy and only 3 main ingredients! I want to be able to demonstrate that often it doesn't take a load of ingredients or some fancy ingredients to make a tasty, easy meal! Ingredients Chicken thighs (2-3 per person depending on hunger levels) skin... Continue Reading →

Chorizo & Prawn Pasta

This is an absolute favourite in our flat and a total go to when we don't know what to cook! Only requires 7 ingredients and takes no more than 30 minutes! Ingredients Tagliatelle (approx 100g pp) Chorizo 125, chopped into small chunks Prawns 150g (cooked or raw) 1 garlic clove, grated 1 lime, zest and... Continue Reading →

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