What’s in the Box? #6

What was delivered - Gammon steaks x 2400g beef minceLamb meatballsCarrotsGem LettuceWhite onionsKalePotatoesChestnut Mushrooms2 courgettes1 cucumber What we cooked - Friday - Mince stuffed courgettes (homemade - recipe coming soon!) I made this dinner up and it was flipping delicious!! So easy to make and the flavours oh my goodness I cannot wait to share... Continue Reading →

Easy Chicken Schnitzel

Asking the boyfriend what he wants for dinner is always a risky decision as he normally comes up with something disgusting or something impossible. However on this particular occasion he came out with 'Chicken Schnitzel'... which despite an incredibly random choice, was something I could work with! This dish was super easy to make and... Continue Reading →

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