Crete: A Food Review

The first thing I will say about the Cretans is they LOVE cheese. It’s in almost everything and forms most of the menu’s! One restaurant we ate at the owner took the mic at how much we ordered cheese… and yet none of us could bring ourselves to tell her… that’s mostly because every starter on the menu has cheese in it!!

I thought I would use this post to go through some of the best things I ate… and yes mostly including cheese!

We stayed in Plaka often enjoying Almyrida on the seafront, which is about 40 minutes from Chania, the second largest city in Crete and Plaka/Almyrida had some great restaurants! 

I had this the first night we arrived and it was truly mouthwatering. Cooked in a pot, in parchment paper, was lamb as soft as anything, cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, onions with a little wine and some melted cheese grilled on the top. It really was great and something I am definitely going to try and make now I am back home. 

Greek Salad

SO simple and only really involves 5 ingredients – I will post the full recipe soon – but there is something just magical about eating this in Crete!

Cretan Salad

Never had this before, but I will definitely be trying this one at home, and it really was great! A salad with gorge tomatoes. olives, potatoes, rusk (basically a giant crouton) and more cheese…. YES please!

Pork with Mushrooms and Lemon

Such a simple dish but cooked to absolute perfection. The pork was so soft and melt in the mouth and served with the BEST chips. The sauce was so creamy and peppery and it really was a great dish. 

Grilled Feta

Yep, this was a starter. And probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my life! I recreated this the following day in our villa for everyone and will post the recipe soon! This picture is just dreamy. 

Grilled Seabass

The. Best. Seabass. I. Have. Ever. Had.

Served with heavenly grilled vegetables. 

I would highly recommend a trip to Crete it really was gorgeous and everything we ate was heavenly and so fresh. After every meal we were served a bit of pudding, cake or yogurt and honey and some Raki which we had to enjoy a shot of it. A great tradition and end to the meal!

Let me know if you take a trip to Crete and try any of the above!

Love, A x

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